UEM! is Now on Patreon!

When I started this blog, back in the summer of 2015, it was an offbeat idea I had to keep myself busy with something other than the revision I should have been doing. It was my first real venture into the many communities of anime lovers online. Over the year-and-bit that’s passed, I’ve made many friends, and annoyed a few more people than I should have with my endless rambling about why we need to question what makes anime, and all art, ‘good’. I’ve made so much progress as a blogger, and it’s all thanks to you guys.

Among the readers I’ve picked up, some fantastic conversations have been made. Some of the best have come from more recent articles, posts that are more than just elaborations of opinions. I’ve been tapping into wider reading and research, into theories about art and how we appreciate it, old and new, to fill this blog with new ideas which are challenging and developing my own.

I recently wrote a post defending my pursuit into seeing anime from an academic lens. Now I want to follow up on that post by cementing this blog’s vision – to bridge the gap between popular anime and puzzling academia. To spell out exciting theories in relation to anime we’re all familiar with. But to achieve this – to further the work of channels like Pause and Select and Philosophy Tube in making the academics make sense – I’m going to need some help.

Today I’m launching a Patreon.

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About those Impressions

If you’ve been following this blog, you’d have probably notice that I’m behind on weekly Impressions. Close to two weeks behind now.

While previous and similar lapses have been due to illness, the problem I’m facing this week, after promising to catch up in the most recent Impressions post, isn’t that I’m ill. It’s not that I lack the motivation to blog or watch anime either; in a couple of days I cranked out a 5000 word article on my issues with The Mary Sue’s approach to anime. That was last week, and it got me thinking: I want to do more of that.

And that got me thinking about how little value I feel is in these weekly Impressions posts.

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On Pause For Now!

It’s that time of the year when university stops being nice to me and I realise it was being really nice before, though it never felt like it. I’ve got a mountain of work and it’s forcing me to hike up it with only the essential supplies. If only I was Saitama and could complete my essay in one punch.

Second thoughts, maybe not. Might damage my computer screen.

Suffice to say that everything I’ve watched these past two weeks has been a fantastic reprieve trying to write about overcomplicated post-modern fiction, apart from Myriad Colour Phantom World. Episode 8 may be the worst fan-service episode that’s aired in years. Might write a post about it once I have some time again – next week term ends, which is why this week’s workload sucks so much.

A break from blogging will also give me the renewed energy to make my weekly impressions as fun to read as I can. Been feeling I’ve been veering back into my long sentences habit more than I want to. If these posts end up sounding like essays (again) I probably won’t be able to cope with keeping them up. They’ll remind me too much of how horrible it is to write these 2000-word English essays on books you’d usually have to force me to read at gunpoint.

Notice her hands cuffed in those stocks? That’s how I feel with this essay due Tuesday. If only words came out as fast as bullets. If only I could write essays on anime and not Nabokov’s Pale Fire. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great work of literature. But it’s not anime.

I’ll be back soon.

This is what happens when you have far too much free time

So yeah, I started a blog. Seeing how hard it was to try to be myself on over-moderated forums like animenewsnetwork’s, it seemed best to make my own space and just dump stuff there. I’m not that bothered if no-one reads it, though I’ll be really happy if anyone does. ^^

Too bad I’m mid-season with a bunch of shows right now. I’ll probably be posting some meaningless essays and editorials until the summer season begins; then I can start doing episode-by-episode reviews. If only Shia Labeouf had motivated me* to start this blog sooner.

Hope you enjoy whatever follows this intro!

*If you’re reading this in the year 3015, Google it